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Breeder`s Directory

The following is a list of our club members who offer breeder services.

Canterbury Champs
Drew Harris
4181 Canterbury Road
Harrington, Delaware 19952
    Phone: 3023353178
sebright, weatons

Circle M Farm
Joe Mastin
315 Thomas Landing Road
Middletown, De 19709
    Phone: 1-302-222-6989
Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds Large Fowl
Real Delaware Blue Hens
Old English Blue Bantams
Pilgrim Geese
Non-Show Frizzle Bantams

D and L Ducks
Danny Marshalewski
200 Holletts Corners Road
Clayton, De 19938
    Phone: 302 233-8007
Fax: 13026532278
Call Ducks
Green Wings
Ring Teal
Wood Ducks

Eggselent Poultry
Tanya Miller
281 Marjorie Lane
Harrington, DE 19952
    Phone: 501-412-5208
Breeder of:
Large Fowl Buckeyes
Bantam Buckeyes
Bantam Old English Silver Duck Wing
Large Fowl Buff Orpingtons

English Family Poultry
Greg English
26767 Line Road
Seaford, Delaware 19973
    Phone: 302-519-8711
Plymouth Rock Bantams

White, Barred,Black,Buff,Blue, Silver Penciled

Buff Brahmas

* Birds for sale when available

Irish Lane Farms
John Simmons
31561 Irish Lane Farms
Dagsboro, De 19939
    Phone: 1-302-841-5485
Silver Pencil Plymouth rocks, Columbian Rocks, Partidge Rocks, New Hampshire, Silkies

John Beauchamp
6102 Finchville-Reliance Rd.
Federalsburg, Md. 21632
    Phone: 410 310 5242(off#)410 754 5835
Master Exhibitor & Breeder White Rock Bantams,also
raise-Black, Barred, Columbian, Blue Rock Bantams
Raise Cochin Bantams-White, Blacks, Buffs, Mottled, and Partridge
Birds available For Sale in Fall

Sandcastle Seramas
Donna Cheetham
68 N Fairfield Drive
Smyrna, DE 19977
    Phone: 302-312-1163
We breed, and show American Seramas. We are currently working with white, black, wheaton and mottled varieties. Young birds and adults available occasionally. We show in cage and on table top and raise our birds according to the standard for the American Serama.

William Sandoe
1606 Joe Goldsborough Dr.
Smyrna, DE 19977
    Phone: 302-653-1302
White Leghorns bantams and largefowl
Silver and Gold Sebrights
Brown African Geese

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